Tips for a Successful Pledge Drive

Conducting a winning campaign takes a bit of creativity, persistence and, most importantly, confidence. It takes courage to ask for financial support, but we think you’ll be surprised at the response you get. Here are some other suggestions for successfully raising money for school through GreenNote.

  • Build a winning profile. Take the time to share your educational and professional aspirations. Your donors want to see details. After all, they are investing in your character and future!
  • Creativity counts. Make sure you show them a winning attitude.
  • Be serious but not boring. Use appropriate language and sincerity. Avoid hip jargon and clichés that could turn donors away.
  • Although it’s not required, we encourage you to add information about ethnic background, hobbies, interests and affiliations.
  • Take the time to proof read and spell check. Nothing will undermine your efforts like spelling errors and typos.
  • Tailor your message. We know it’s difficult to ask for money however we strongly encourage you to personalize that message wherever possible.
  • Tap into the power of social networking and cast your net wide. That’s one of the real keys to our platform. Think beyond your closest circle of friends and family. Consider who thinks highly of you and pursue them appropriately. Link your fundraising campaign to Facebook, MySpace and others networking sites that will maximize your exposure.
  • Don’t fear rejection. If you don’t ask, you won’t receive.
  • Courtesy matters. Always be sure to respect your donors and be thoughtful of their contributions.
  • Provide updates along the way. Many donors are happy to keep giving when you show them signs of progress and how you will put their money to use. Keep them in the loop whenever possible and thank them for their continuing support.
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